Newmarket Films willpremiere the director's cut of Richard Kelly's surreal love story and cult hit DonnieDarko at the upcoming Seattle FilmFestival on May 29.

The acclaimed picture starsJake Gyllenhaal, Jena Malone and Drew Barrymore and was originally released in2001, gaining popularity through video and cable platforms and eventuallybecoming a midnight special staple at nationwide theatres.

The director's cut features20 minutes of unseen footage, new visual effects and new music.

"Based on the success of theDVD the picture has found a much wider, younger audience," Newmarket Filmspresident Bob Berney said, adding that Donnie Darko would be re-released "fairly aggressively" onSeattle's mainstream and arthouse circuit, with the possibility of a broadertheatrical run to follow depending on results.

"I am incredibly grateful toNewmarket for this opportunity to re-release Donnie Darko," Kelly said in a statement. "Even though I am proudof the theatrical version of the film, I've always felt that the story wassomewhat compromised in order to come in under two hours."