MGM has launched a new media division and named Douglas A Lee tooversee the unit as executive vice president.

In the new role Lee will oversee MGM's digital distributionstrategy, spearhead the studio's broadband and wireless initiatives and overseenew digital media growth.

"MGM will be making significant moves in terms of newplatforms, ranging from TV and the Internet to wireless, mobile and more."MGM chairman and chief executive officer Harry E Sloan said.

"Doug has a wealth of senior management experience culledfrom several major media companies including Fox, HBO and Universal."

"Doug is an expert at navigating the new media space andidentifying key opportunities," MGM chief operating officer Rick Sandsadded. "He will also be working closely with our strategic partner, SonyCorporation of America, which is at the forefront of Blu-Ray and majorelectronic and digital initiatives."

"There are numerous opportunities to grow and extend the MGMbrand in the new media age," Lee said. "We will look to mine thelibrary for new opportunities and also create new productions and initiativesfor the plethora of new media opportunities that currently exist, as well asplan for new and emerging possibilities."

Lee previously launched HD Cinema 10 for VOOM, created thechildren's educational network Noggin, and was instrumental in News Corp'sacquisition of Asian satellite platform Star-TV.