Michael Douglaswill receive the 26th Aspen Filmfest's Independent By Nature Award for his"significant contribution to film culture" at the opening night ceremony onSept 29.

"As a performerand a producer, Michael Douglas has played a significant role in definingcontemporary American film-making at its versatile, risk-taking best,"executive director Laura Thielen said in a statement.

"Drama, comedy,film, television, theatre - he appears to have no limits and has created adistinguished and enduring body of work."

Douglas hasappeared in more than 40 pictures in a career spanning five decades. He won thebest actor Oscar in 1988 for his role as the infamous Gordon Gekko in WallStreet, and shared thebest picture Academy Award in 1976 as producer of One Flew Over The Cuckoo'sNest.

Previous recipients of theIndependent By Nature Award include William H Macy, Sydney Pollack and AnjelicaHuston. The Aspen Filmfest is scheduled to run from Sept 29-Oct 3.