Actor-writer-director Darren Dowler has finished prinicpal photography on his feature directorial debut, Rock And Roll The Movie, for California-based Saddle Ranch Productions.

Clark Koelsch stars as a college graduate who moves to Los Angeles and strikes a bet with his agent (Daniel Laney) over a 1959 T-Bird. To keep the car, the young man has to convince a washed-up rock star (played by Dowler himself) to return to the limelight.

Jethro-Rothe Kushel and Sheldon I. Altfeld produce. Co-executive producers are Jeffrey Werber and Michael Marcovsky. Steffanie Siebrand is the associate producer, and Philip M. Cohen is executive producer.

Dowler said: “I couldn’t have been happier with the filming or the people involved. I’ve never seen such positivity with such a large group. Rock and Roll definitely had an energy that’s hard to define.”

Dowler used to play guitar for The Backstreet Boys and is still a musician.

The film is represented by Tifanie Jodeh Esq. of MindFusion.