Oscar-nominated German hit Downfall has been controversiallyomitted from best film shortlist for this year's German Film Awards.
The Bernd Eichinger produced box office smash only mustered three actingnominations for this year's awards including best actor for Bruno Ganz as AdolfHitler.
Dani Levy's Jewish family comedy Go For Zucker! - An Unorthodox Comedy has emerged as theawards front-runner, with ten nominations followed by Volker Schloendorff'sWorld War II drama The Ninth Day with seven.
nominations included best film, best director, best screenplay and bestmale and female leads.
Other films which did not make it through to the final list of nominations from the initialpre-selection included films such as Dennis Gansel's Napola, Marco Kreuzpaintner'sSummer Storm and Ayse Polat's Silver Leopard winner En Garde.
This year saw the nomination procedure being administered for the first time bythe German Film Academy in collaboration with the Culture ministry. The awardsceremony will be held in Berlin's Philharmonic Hall on July 8 with DreamshipSurprise's Michael "Bully" Herbig serving as the master of ceremoniesfor the evening.

The 2005 German Film Awards nominations are:

Best Feature Film
Agnes And His Brothers - dir: Oskar Roehler
Go For Zucker! - dir: Dani Levy
The Ninth Day - dir: Volker Schloendorff
The Wood For The Trees - dir: Maren Ade
The Edukators - dir: Hans Weingartner
Sophie Scholl - The Final Days - dir: Marc Rothemund

Best Documentary
Rhythm Is It! - dir: Thomas Grube/Enrique Sanchez Lansch
Touch The Sound - dir: Thomas Riedelsheimer'

Best Female Lead

Hannelore Elsner - Go For Zucker!
JuliaJentsch - Sophie Scholl
Jessica Schwarz - Offbeat

Best Male Lead
'August Diehl - The Ninth Day
BrunoGanz - Downfall
Henry Huebchen - Go For Zucker!
Ulrich Matthes - The Ninth Day

Best Female Supporting Role
Corinna Harfouch - Downfall
JulianeKoehler - Downfall
Katja Riemann - Agnes And His Brothers
Ingeborg Westphal - Offbeat

Best Male Supporting Role

Burghart Klausner - The Edukators
Uwe Ochsenknecht - Vom Suchen Und Finden Der Liebe
Udo Samel - Go For Zucker!

Best Screenplay
Fred Breinersdorfer - Sophie Scholl
Eberhard Goerner, Andreas Pflueger - The Ninth Day
Holger Franke, Dani Levy - Go For Zucker!

Best Direction

Dani Levy - Go For Zucker!
Volker Schloendorff - The Ninth Day
Hans Weingartner - The Edukators

BestChildren's & Young People's Film
Die Wilden Kerle II - dir: Joachim Masannek
Lauras Stern - dir: Thilo Graf Rothkirch/Piet de Rycker

Best Cinematography

Hans-Guenther Buecking - Snowland
Martin Langer - Sophie Scholl - The Final Days
Franz Lustig - Land Of Plenty

Best Editing
Peter R. Adam - The Ninth Day
Elena Bromund - Go For Zucker!
Dirk Grau, Martin Hoffmann - Rhythm Is It!

Best Production Design
Christian M. Goldbeck - Go For Zucker!
Ari Hantke - The Ninth Day
Bengt Svedberg - Snowland

Best Costume Design
Lucie Bates - Go For Zucker!
Steffi Bruhn - A Pass From The Back
Andreas Janczyk - Snowland

Best Film Score '
Gerd Baumann, Alex Haas, Stefan Noelle - A Pass From The Back
Till Broenner - Hell On Wheels
Niki Reiser - Go For Zucker! ''

Best Sound Design
Mario Hubert, Michael Kranz, Heiko Mueller, Roland Platz, Chrissi Rebay, RolandWinke - Dreamship Surprise - Period 1
HubertBartholomae, Gunnar Voigt - The Ninth Day
Andre Bendocchi-Alves, Erik Seifert, Martin Steyer,Roland Winke - Snowland Gregor Kuschel,Hubertus Rath, Thomas Riedelsheimer, Christoph von Schoenburg, Marc von Stuerler- Touch The Sound