Launching across 3,559 sites in 28 territories, Universal's The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor was Hollywood's runaway champion of the international arena this weekend and grossed an estimated $59.5m for a
superb $16,700 per-screen average. Warner Bros Pictures International's (WBPI) The Dark Knight crossed $200m and remains a potent force with six of the ten major markets set to open this month.

The Mummy's result beat by 55% the combined tallies of the first two Mummy films in the series in the same territories - a magnificent achievement considering this was the first release in the franchise in seven years.

The action adventure opened number one in 26 territories through UPI, grossing $13.3m in South Korea, $12.7m in Russia and $6.7m in Spain, each of which generated Universal's biggest launch in the territory. Universal chiefs said Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Turkey and Ukraine all generated 'outstanding number openings and recorded our biggest or second biggest openings ever.'

The film opened top in all eight of its Latin American territories and scored Universal's biggest aggregated launch in the region. Among the highlights were $5.1m in Mexico and $3.1m in Brazil.

The Mummy was also in devastating form in South-East Asia results, setting not just Universal's highest launch in South Korea but the biggest opening of a non-local film in the year-to-date, a huge result considering the size of this summer's releases. Thailand produced Universal's biggest opening and the biggest opening of all the year-to-date, while Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore each scored the biggest or second biggest opening weekends of all time.

UPI president David Kosse said the launch was 'beyond expectations', adding that the film played well among families. 'It's a statement about how the whole package and the Asian elements came into play.'

There are 38 territories to go over the next six weeks including the second wave of 23 territories next weekend including the UK, France and Germany. Italy and Australia are scheduled to open in September and October.

Mamma Mia! maintained momentum as $14.6m from 2,310 sites in 22 territories raised the running total to $140.7m. Combined with the $87.9m North American tally, the worldwide gross stands at $228.7m.

The musical climbed 9% in the UK to $6.1m from 495 sites for $63.8m after four weekends, dropped 7% in Germany on $2.7m from 610 for 16m after three and fell 15% in the third weekend in Austria on $484,000 from 94 for $3.4m. It fell 29% in the fourth weekend in Australia on $2.2m from 258 to rank third on $20.1m. There are 33 territories to go over the next three months.

Wanted added $6.5m from 2,162 venues in 39 territories for $115.6m, fuelled by a $2.9m second place launch in Australia in 195 locations. The action release ranks seventh in France on $7.8m after three weekends and stands at $4.1m in Taiwan after two. There are 23 territories to go.

The Incredible Hulk grossed $2.4m from 1,233 venues in 40 territories for $111.5m, $89.7m of which comes from Universal territories while $21.8m derives from non-Universal grosses in Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Austria, France and Japan.

The weekend haul includes a sixth place launch in Japan through Sony Pictures Releasing International that generated $560,000 from 157 locations. China will be the last release and has been scheduled for August 20 during the Olympic Games.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army raised its tally by $1.3m from 1,268 sites in ten to $24.6Mm. There were no new openings this weekend, however Italy held strong in second place in its third weekend on $335,000 from 202 sites for $4m. The fantasy action release ranks ninth in director Guillermo Del Toro's home country of Mexico on $5.9m after four weekends. There are 50 territories to go over the next four months.

The Dark Knight crossed $200m as $37m from approximately 6,468 screens in 51 markets elevated the cumulative total $202.5m with six top ten markets to come this month. In the second weekend the film stayed top in the UK on $12.9m from 1,021 prints for $50m with 50% of the top five market share. It held on to number one in Italy on $1.7m from 638 screens for $9m with 68% of the top five market share and is tracking 7% ahead of Batman Begins.

Australia led the third weekend results as $4.4m from 467 nationwide screens was good enough to hole on to number one and raise the tally to $31.8m. Mexico generated $1.9m from 1,067 screens for $20m and second place behind The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor. Brazil produced $2.2m from 506 screens for second place and a $14.7m tally. The Dark Knight is set to launch in South Korea on August 7 and Japan on August 9.

Get Smart grossed $2.5m from approximately 1,750 screens in 27 markets for $70m, adding $800,000 from 349 screens in Spain for $3.6m after two weekends and $630,000 from 544 screens in Germany for $4.8m after three.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International's (WDSMPI) Wall-E added $15.7m from 3,140 screens in 24 territories for $95m.

The Pixar hit crossed $200m in North America this weekend and is expected to reach $100m overseas by Tuesday or Wednesday. Weekend business was fired up by a $7.2m number one launch in France on 700 screens and table topping debuts in Holland and Belgium on $740,000 from 100 and $700,000 from 90, respectively.

The most notable holdover arguably occurred in Argentina, where in its fourth weekend Wall-E's box office climbed 10% to generate $560,000 from 170 screens for more than $4m. Wall-E is now the second highest grossing Pixar release and is expected to dethrone Ratatouille by Monday. Spain and South Korea receive the film next weekend.

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian added $6.1m from 3,700 screens in 30 territories for $246m and WDSMPI executives expect it to overtake Iron Man's industry tally by Wednesday to become the fourth biggest international earner of the year-to-date.

The fantasy adventure launched in first place in Germany on $3.8m from 540 despite excellent weather and claimed 35% market share. It opened top in Austria on $470,000 from 100. Latest figures put France on $25.3m after six weekends and Spain on $15m after five.

Fox International's The X-Files: I Want To Believe added $9.2m from 3,950 screens in 40 markets for $22m. The sci-fi mystery launched in France and the UK, grossing $1.7m from 485 and $1.7m from 402, respectively. There were strong second weekend holds in Spain and Germany that produced $862,745 from 400 after a 26% fall for $2,797,054 and $784,314 from 598 after a 27% drop for $2.4m, respectively.

M Night Shyamalan's mystery The Happening raised its tally by $1.5m from 310 in the second weekend in Japan for $6.1m and is the highest ranking Hollywood release in the market. The film has amassed $92.2m overall.

The Eddie Murphy comedy Meet Dave added $1.6m from 1,500 screens in 28 for a little over $16m. It opened in Poland on $394,106 from 70 and launched in Greece on $112,083 from 24.

Hancock added $11.9m through Sony Pictures Releasing International from more than 6,000 screens in 71 territories and has reached $319m.

The superhero yarn added $2.1m in France for $24m, $1.4m in Germany for $35.8m, $1.9m in Spain from 563 screens for $21.7m, $900,000 in the UK from 320 for $47.7m, $510,000 in Russia from 645 for $25.4m, $455,000 in Brazil from 317 for $13m and $415,000 in Australia from 215 for $19m.

DreamWorks Animation's Kung Fu Panda is on its way towards $350m after $11m from 6,129 sites through PPI in 60 territories brought the cumulative total to $328m.

The largest grosses came from France's $1.6m from 767 sites for $20.1m, Japan's $1.4m from 521 screens for $6.1m, the UK's $1.2m from 455 sites for $34m and Spain's $1.1m from 451 venues for $18.3m.

Gurinder Chadha's comedy Angus, Thongs And Perfect Snogging added $1.5m from 383 screens in its second weekend in the UK following a modest 20% drop and stands at $5.8m.

The Mike Myers comedy The Love Guru scored a $1m launch in the UK from 301 sites and opened in Italy on $50,000 from 45. Overall the film added $1.1m from 431 sites in six territories and stands at $3.6m.

The Bank Job opened in Australia on $900,000 from 191 sites and latest figures put Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull on $459m.