Hot on the heels of the launch of Warner Independent Pictures,DreamWorks SKG has launched specialty distribution arm Go Fish and will openfor business with the release of Japanese anime hits Millennium Actress in September and Ghost In The ShellII in 2004.

The unit will be run by Joan Filippini, the current headof non-theatrical sales, and overseen by Jim Tharp, DreamWorks' president ofdistribution. Marketing executive Michael Vollman will head up publicity andmarketing.

Go Fish will groom specialised projects of interest to DreamWorksthat are typically deemed more appropriate for limited release.

Satoshi Kon's Millennium Actress will open in New York, Los Angeles,Chicago and San Francisco in Sept 5 and tells the tale of a reclusive actresswith a mysterious past.

Ghost In The Shell II, the follow-up to Mamoru Oshii's hugely successful sci-fi animethat was released in the US through Manga Entertainment in 1996, is currentlyin production and is expected to open in the first half of 2004.

Initially it seems the division will require little additionaloverheads and there are no current plans to recruit staff, although this maychange depending on the fortunes of the division.

Go Fish is likely to receive most projects through independentfilm-makers and smaller production companies.