The trickle-down effect of the MPAA's ban on screener tapescontinued this week as DreamWorks SKG announced it has booked one month ofprivate screenings in Los Angeles for its awards contender House Of Sand AndFog.

Vadim Perelman's drama, which is being handled forinternational sales by Winchester's Cobalt Pictures, will play twice a night inone theatre at Laemmle's Music Hall Theatre in Beverly Hills from Nov 14-Dec11.

Admission will be free to Academy members and members of thevarious craft guilds, plus one guest.

In a statement Terry Press, the studio's head of marketing, said:"We think it is important for voting members of the Academy and the differentguilds to see the eligible films the way they were meant to be seen - on thebig screen.

"A movie theatre is the best possible showcase of the talentsinvolved in any film, and we want to give the Academy and guild members everyopportunity to see the work of those on both sides of the camera in House OfSand And Fog."

The issue is a pressing one for DreamWorks, who will be looking toHouse Of Sand And Fogas its major awards contender to salvage some pride from a skimpy year ofmostly lacklustre releases.

To date the studio lies 10th in the 2003 domesticdistributor table with 3.5% market share.

Ben Kingsley stars as an Iranian emigre who becomes embroiled in atragic confrontation over a home with the property's former owner. JenniferConnelly also stars.

House Of SandAnd Fog is due to opennationwide on Dec 26.