PierreDrouot has been appointed managing director of the Flemish Audiovisual Fund(VAF), it was announced late last week.

Hesucceeds former MD Luckas vander Taelen, who made an abrupt exit from the Fundearlier this month.

Drouotalready worked for the Fund in various capacities, for instance as a mentorguiding young filmmakers and as a supervisor of the Fund's workshops.

Awell-known producer and director in his own right, his credits as producerinclude. Toto The Hero by Jaco Van Dormael and theanimated feature Taxandria by Raoul Servais, as well asdocumentaries such as Permeke (with Henri Storck andPatrick Conrad). He was also amongst the creators of the MEDIA ProgrammesupportedEAVE and SCALE initiatives.

Drouotwill head a management team also consisting of financial and business directorHans Everaert, Karla Puttemans, and Christian De Schutter (directorcommunication and promotion).

He isexpected to oversee an overhaul of the Fund's selection system, making it"fairer and more transparent" in the words of one insider. The Boardhas stated that it believes Drouot "will play a proactive andconstructive role in the debate about the changing audiovisuallandscape."