Asger Leth directs and Mads Mikkelsen stars.

Deutsche Telekom AG-sponsored film Move On will premiere in Beriln on Nov 6.

The film is directed by Asger Leth [pictured] and stars Mads Mikkelsen, Alexandra Maria Lara and Gabriela Marcinkova.

The story is about a secret agent on a final mission to transport a mysterious suitcase across Europe. The team hit the road for 49 days travelling across Europe to shoot the road movie.

There are eight countries featured over eight episodes. The first four episodes are already available online at, with the final episodes to revealed at the premiere in Berlin.

Film audiences from around Europe were invited to help shape the project.

Leth said: “The last five months have been a unique experience and one hell of a creative journey, starting with the whole pre-production process and getting a first impression of the countries, then shooting on the streets of Amsterdam, staging our own Opera with hundreds of participants in Vienna, the pressure of allowing the story to continue to evolve and grow right up until the final cut and of course discovering great new talent like Gabriela Marcinkova from Slovakia. The fact that I was able to share this journey with thousands of people already is amazing. I can’t wait for the chance to see people’s reactions to the whole story.”


Wolfgang Kampbartold, DT’s Vice President International Marketing Communications & Sponsoring, added: “Across Europe film fans were asked to apply online for the chance to be part of this unique project. In the end over 400 contributions were integrated into the film, everybody will be able to watch the Move On road movie whether at home or on the go. As one of Europe’s biggest providers of mobile internet products and services, DT’s involvement in the road movie genre is a great fit. Throughout the production process, on-the-go smartphones, tablets and our pan European network allowed the team to stay connected and share their experiences with audiences everywhere.”