Intwo key changes to Showtime Networks' upper management structure, companyveteran Matthew Duda has been promoted to executive vice president ofacquisitions, planning and distribution while executive vice president ofprogramming Peter Keramidas is leaving after 10 years to pursue otherinterests.

Keramidaswas involved in many aspects of daily programming department and assumedgreater responsibility in 2002 when he began to oversee financing anddistribution.

Hewas instrumental in securing Sony Pictures Classics' upcoming theatricalrelease of Mario Van Peeble's Baadasssss! and negotiated a videodistribution deal with Viacom sister company Blockbuster that covers films forShowtime through 2006.

Duda,the former head of acquisitions for theatrical films, series, and documentariesacross all Showtime channels, will take over responsibility of the company'stelevision and video foreign and domestic distribution.

Hewill also be involved in the theatrical distribution of Showtime IndependentFilms, the company's fledgling initiative to support low budget theatricalreleases.

Duringthe course of more than two decades at the company, Duda has been involved inall acquisition aspects of the company and served as a key negotiator intheatrical output deals with the US majors.

"Inmy short time working with Peter Keramidas, he has proven to be a resourcefuland passionate executive and I know I'm speaking for all my colleagues when Isay he will be greatly missed," Robert Greenblatt, president of entertainment atShowtime Networks, said in a statement.

"MatthewDuda is one of Showtime's most important assets and he is uniquely suited tosupervise the distribution aspects of the company."

"My10 years with Showtime have been a phenomenal learning and professionalexperience," Keramidas said. "I'm anxious to start the next chapter of mycareer, but first I plan to take a long vacation and train for my nextmarathon."

"Iam looking forward to adding the challenges of distribution to my currentresponsibilities at Showtime," Duda said. "After having the job over the past22 years of spending the company's money acquiring programming, I am gratefulfor the exciting opportunity to oversee the distribution area which will getsome of that money back."

Bothchanges will take effect on Feb 1