THINKFilm hasacquired all North American rights to Mark Brian Smith and Tony Montana'sdirectorial debut Overnight, which was a midnight screening at Sundance this year and causeda stir for its warts-and-all portrait of an upstart film-maker in theindependent film business.

First screenedin a longer cut at the Seattle International Film Festival last June, Overnight is the story of former bartender TroyDuffy and his whirlwind leap to fame after Miramax Films' Harvey Weinsteinbought his screenplay The Boondock Saints, appointed him director, paid his band to write thesoundtrack and offered to buy Duffy the bar where he worked.

But just as soon as Duffy is anointed the new hot thing inthe film business, he orchestrates his own spectacular fall into ignominy.

Overnight is THINKFilm's second Sundanceacquisition following its pick-up of Shane Carruth's Grand Prize-winner Primer. Both films will be released in theautumn.

"If Troy Duffy'sstranger-than-fiction story weren't so painfully true, Peter Biskind would havehad to make it up," THINKFilm's Mark Urman said in a statement. "This moviereally says it all about our society's movie-madness."

"Following ourinitial meeting with Mark Urman and [director of acquisitions] Daniel Katz,Mark and I agreed that THINKFilm would be a perfect fit," Montana added.

"Mark bringspassion, experience, and commitment to the table," co-director Smith said."Daniel was the first to embrace this controversial film and recognise its theatricalpotential."

Randy Manis, senior vicepresident of acquisitions and business affairs, negotiated the deal forTHINKFilm with Micah Green and Josh Braun representing the film-makers forCinetic Media.