Germany's DVD boom continued unabated during the first quarter this year, with turnover rocketing 190% to account for 45.8% of the overall turnover from the video sell-through sector.

According to the latest figures from trade organisation Bundesverband Video, DVD turnover soared to claim $73.4m (DM162.9m) in a sector worth $160m as a whole. The DVD tally was up from $25.2m in the same period last year, when the format accounted for only 21.5% of the sell-through market.

The number of units shipped out in the first quarter almost tripled, up from last year's 1.4m to 3.9m.

Conversely, the VHS sell-through market reported a 6% drop in revenues compared to the first quarter of 2000. The format was down from $92.3m to $87m.