E1 has picked up UK rights from The Icelandic Film Company and Film And Music Entertainment to Julius Kemp’s horror tale Reykjavik Whale Watching Massacre (RWWM).

Jon Bourdillon of E1 negotiated the deal with Film and Music Entertainment’s Sam Taylor and Mike Downey on behalf of subsidiary Portpic Ltd.

E1 is currently eyeing further territories on the story of marooned whale watchers who get picked up by a boatload of redneck ‘Fishbillies.’ For its part, Film And Music Entertainment will be seeking to close a world sales deal at Toronto.

The Icelandic Film Company’s Ingvar Thordarson, Gisli Gislason and Julius Kemp produced and Sjon Sigurdson, a joint best music Oscar nominee for Dancer In The Dark, wrote the screenplay.

RWWM is a splatter movie of the goriest kind,” Downey said. “The story is true to its genre, and the humour as black as it gets. As a post-capitalist fable, the film is very apposite for our times: men turn into beasts and kindness is a weakness that can only lead to defeat.”

E1 released sold 20,000 copies of another Scandinavian horror film last week, Dead Snow, making it the biggest selling direct-to-DVD foreign-language release in the UK in history according to Film And Music Entertainment.

The company’s release slate includes Sorority Row, Away We Go, and Love Happens.