Paramount-DreamWorks' paranoia thriller Eagle Eye dominated the international charts with an estimated $12m haul, thought the story of the weekend was Mamma Mia!, which capped a fine overseas run by crossing $400m. Click here for more.

Eagle Eye's weekend haul from 3,779 sites in 49 territories through PPI was powered by seven new releases led by Japan and the UK as well as a number one hold in South Korea that boosted the film's overall cumulative score to $45.6m.

The film, starring Shia LaBeouf and Michele Monaghan, plundered $2.5m from 306 sites in Japan and grossed $1.7m from 357 in the UK.

South Korean audiences have reacted positively to the thriller and bought a further $2.5m in tickets from 409 venues following a tiny 8% drop for $6.7m.

Another notable DreamWorks title in release is Tropic Thunder, which grossed $4.1m from 1,662 in 48 for $60.2m. The action comedy launched in four territories including France, where it took $1.8m from 300, and Belgium, where it grossed $261,000 including previews from 41.

The Coen Brothers' Burn After Reading maintained its momentum and grossed in the region of $8.7m, roughly $6.7m of which came from 893 UPI sites and was fuelled by impressive debuts in the UK, Australia and New Zealand as well as a strong hold in Spain.

The dark comedy opened top in the UK on $3.3m (£1.9m) from 396 venues and recorded the Coens' biggest launch in the territory, beating the launches of No Country For Old Men by 76% and Intolerable Cruelty by 43%.

Burn After Reading debuted in first place in Australia on $1.5m from 193 dates and finished in second place in New Zealand on $127,000 from 42 venues. It stayed top in its second weekend in Spain as $1.7m from 262 following a 32% drop raised the tally to $5.1m. The Universal total from these four releases stands at $10.1m and Universal will also be releasing in Latin America over the next two months.

Focus Features International handled the majority of international sales on Burn After Reading and the film took approximately $2m from its buyers this weekend. Germany produced $1.6m from 322 sites for $7.7m after three weekends, Italy generated $265,000 from 59 for $7.3m after four and Austria produced $200,000 from 44 for $1m after three.

Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International (WDSMPI) enjoyed another solid weekend as Pixar's Wall-E rumbled towards the $250m marks thanks to a $7m haul from 2,844 screens in 22 territories that raised the tally to $247m.

The two key drivers were Italy, where the film opened top on $3.8m from 350, beating Cars and finishing a little behind the launches of Finding Nemo and The Incredibles, and Germany, where Wall-E stayed top for the fourth weekend in a row after a 25% drop on $1.8m for $19.6m.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua added $2.2m from approximately 1,000 screens
for a $14.1m international running total. The family film stayed top for the third consecutive weekend in Mexico on $1.1m after a 30% fall for $6m. The talking dog held on to the number one spot in its second weekend in Argentina on $285,000 from 60 for $1m and stayed top for the third weekend in a row in Colombia where it has performed very well and reached $1.3m.

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas continued an amazing run that has seen it gross $16.8m from just Spain and the UK. The weekend delivered a further $1.6m from 462 screens and the running totals are $10.2m in Spain after four weekends and $6.7m in the UK after six. It opens in the US on November 7.

Fox International unleashed the videogame adaptation Max Payne in 32 mostly small markets, earning $6.3m from 1,380 screens. Third place debuts in Spain on $1.3m from 302 and Australia on $953,565 from 194 led the way, followed by a string of number one launches in Singapore on $425,243 from 38, Thailand on $339,581 from 110, the Philippines on $320,955 from 94 and Malaysia on $296,820 from 52.

Max Payne opened top in New Zealand on $166,722 and ventures into 12 new markets next weekend including Mexico and Russia, with the majority of top European markets to follow in November.

Last weekend's international champion and local Russian local hit Admiral (Kolchak) continued to dominate its home country as $7.4m from 1,107 screens raised the early tally to a spectacular $24.5m. Adding in the Ukraine's $744,000 weekend gross and $3m cumulative total, the film has earned $27.6m overall.

The local German title Krabat added $1.9m in Germany, down only 11% from the opening weekend for a $5m tally. Arrancame La Vida dropped off 29% in its sixth weekend in Mexico on $313,000 for $8.9m.

The mystery drama Blindness fell 15% on $214,000 in Brazil for $3.4m and grossed $305,000 in its opening weekend in Mexico. It will roll out across Latin America in the coming weeks.

Horror title Mirrors added $3.1m from roughly 1,600 screens in 25 markets for $30.6m through Fox International. The film dropped 37% in its second weekend in the UK on $975,000 from 340 for $3.4m and fell 31% in its third weekend in Mexico on $555,000.

Taken grossed $812,000 from roughly 600 screens in 13 markets for $35.2m through Fox International, while sci-fi thriller Babylon AD added $480,000 from approximately 700 screens in 19 markets for $16.3m through the distributor

Universal/UPI chiefs were also celebrating Wanted, which crossed $200m following a $2.3m haul from 1,350 sites in 21 territories. The $201m tally owed much this weekend to a $480,000 haul from 322 in the fifth weekend in Japan, where the action romp ranks fifth and has amassed $23.2m.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army added $3.1m from 1,349 in 33 territories for $69m, powered by a number one $2.1m German launch from 489 dates, which in one fell swoop has almost grossed as much as the $2.2m lifetime gross of Hellboy. The fantasy adventure opened top in Austria on $420,000 from 80, which is 20% bigger than the lifetime total of the original. There are seven territories to go including China on November 21 and Japan on January 9, 2009.

Death Race added $2m from 1,192 venues in 25 territories for $23.3m and the action remake was driven by a $665,000 launch in France from 156 sites that ranked seventh. It opened in fifth place in Brazil on $200,000 from 100 and also opened in fifth place in South Korea on $404,000 from 150. The Jason Statham vehicle has 30 territories to go over the next two months.

Warner Bros Pictures International reported love in the air as the Richard Gere-Diane Lane rematch Nights In Rodanthe took $4.4m from 1,725 screens in 22 markets for an early $12.6m running total. The film opened in second place in Germany on $2m including previews and stands at $3.8m in Japan after four, while after three weekends it has
amassed $1.5m in Mexico and $1.2m in Brazil. Nights In Rodanthe opens in Spain on October 24 and Australia on November 6.

The terrorism thriller Body Of Lies boasting the A-list pair of Leonardo DiCaprio and Russell Crowe grossed $1.7m from 665 screens in eight markets for an early $6.1m tally.

The film boosted its score in its second weekend in Australia by $800,000 from 295 following a 46% drop and is currently tracking 56% ahead of The Kingdom and 6% ahead of Blood Diamond. Body Of Lies will open in South Korea on October 23 and arrives in France and Spain on November 5 and 7, respectively. The UK follows on November 21.

Woody Allen's much fancied return to form Vicky Cristina Barcelona maintained its number-one status in its second weekend in France with a $2.4m gross from 431 screens that elevated the tally to $7.1m. The comedy Get Smart stands at $99.4m.

Adam Sandler notched up the second $100m international result of his career after Click when You Don't Mess With The Zohan passed the milestone on October 16. The comedy added $740,000 from 655 screens in 28 markets through Sony Pictures Releasing International for $100.8m and is now Sandler's biggest overseas hit. Italy produced $490,000 from 198 to rank sixth on $3.5m after three weekends.

The House Bunny, another Sony comedy that boasts the talents of rising
star Anna Faris, added $3.2m from 1,375 screens in 31 markets for
$13.7m. The film launched in second place in Taiwan on $180,000 from
55 and added $1.1m from 342 in its second weekend in the UK to rank
third on $3.4m.