Los Angeles-basedproduction, distribution and sales house Echelon Entertainment has sold rightsto certain territories on Marc Levie's Belgian thriller Praying Mantis and Brian Austin Green's US romantic comedy FishWithout A Bicycle.

BRAVO/Canada bought non-exclusiveCanadian television rights for one year to Praying Mantis, which tells of a woman who develops the instinctsof a killer insect. Lou Broclain, Yann Chely and Sacha Kollich star.

Australia's Peacock Filmstook exclusive video/DVD rights for five years to Fish Without A Bicycle, which is currently in theatrical release throughNewmark/Echelon Entertainment Group and stars Jenna Mattison and Brian AustinGreen.

Echelon also signed at therecent AFM in Santa Monica a five-year exclusive video-on-demand deal withThailand's New World Pictures for a seven-title package of actions titles,thrillers and comedies that includes Day Of Redemption, Lost Contact, TheDrop, Before Last Night, Short & Curly, Munich Mambo, and Merc Force.

Exclusive video/DVD rightsto the grocery store robbery comedy Nobody Knows Anythingwent to Australian company Aztec International. The picture stars Mike Meyers,Janeane Garofolo, Margaret Cho, Virginia Madsen, and Robert Englund, amongothers.