LA-based sales anddistribution company Echo Bridge Entertainment has acquired worldwidedistribution rights to the street basketball title Black Top Confidential'sStreetball Confidential: Volume 1.

Scott Miller's picture starsNBA All-Star Baron Davis, urban streetball legend Headache (Tim Gittens) andhip-hop artist The Game (Jayceon Taylor).

Styled as a streetballinstructional, the picture features exclusive moves by Headache, a former teammember with the renowned Harlem Globetrotters, as well as star interviews andnew tracks from The Game.

Jason Martin and AhmanDolphin produced and David Kirkpatrick and John Fiedler served as executiveproducers.

Echo Bridge will launch thepicture domestically on DVD this summer through its subsidiary Platinum Disc,and has signed a strategic partnership with VIBE Magazine in support of therelease.

Echo Bridge merged withPlatinum Disc Corporation and its 2,000-title library earlier this year(Screendaily, Feb 8 2005).