Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios president and Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull will receive the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' Gordon E Sawyer Award 'for his lifetime of technical contributions and leadership in the field of computer graphics for the motion picture industry.'

An Oscar statuette will be presented to Catmull at the scientific and technical awards presentations in Los Angeles on February 7.

'Ed is one of the rare individuals who can bridge the space between science and art,' Academy president Sid Ganis said. 'His vision, ingenuity and groundbreaking designs have made the impossible possible - for film-makers and movie audiences around the world.'

Catmull founded the computer graphics laboratory at the New York Institute of Technology, the computer division of Lucasfilm Ltd and Pixar Animation Studios.

Along with Rob Cook and Loren Carpenter he received an Academy Award Of Merit in 2000 for significant advancements to the field of motion picture rendering as exemplified in Pixar's RenderMan.