The UK's Kate Ashfield and Germany's Heike Makatsch, lead actresses from Panorama film Late Night Shopping, are among 18 young European actors and actresses selected by members of pan-European promotional organisation European Film Promotion (EFP) for the fourth "Shooting Stars" showcase at the Berlin Film Festival on February 10-11.

Icelandic actor-director Baltasar Kormakur, whose credits include 101 Reykjavik, also features in the line-up along with the two French actors from Francois Ozon's Waterdrops On Burning Rock - Ludivine Sagnier and Malik Zidi - and Aylin Yay from the French-speaking community of Belgium.

The other actors and actresses are:
Italy's Stefano Accorsi (Le Fate Ignorati),
Spain's Eloy Azorin (Cuba),
Ireland's Elaine Cassidy (Felicia's Journey),
Flemish actor Koen De Bouw (Falling Rocks),
Switzerland's Anne-Shlomit Deonna (Potlatch),
Germany's Benno Fuermann (The Princess And The Warrior),
Luxembourg's Mickey Hardt (Nachtfalter),
Denmark's Anne Eleonora Jorgensen (Italian For Beginners),
Norway's Gorild Mauseth (Burnt By Frost),
Austria's Birgit Minichmayr (Taking Sides),
Portugal's Alexandre Pinto (The Mutants),
Greece's Evelina Populia (In Good Company).

As well as being introduced to the public, media and international film industry, the Shooting Stars will take part in a workshop with other actors, directors, casting directors and talent agents to discuss the openings for young acting talents to be cast in international co-productions.