The Hamburg-based, pan-European promotional organisation European Film Promotion (EFP) has selected 21 aspiring European producers for its Producers On The Move networking initiative to take place during the Cannes Film Festival next month.

Since being launched in 2000, Producers On The Move has enabled over 120 up-and-coming European producers to meet opposite numbers from all over Europe to discuss current projects and lay the foundation for future collaborations at roundtable meetings and co-production lunches.

This year's lineup of producers, which were selected by the EFP member organisations, include Meike Kordes, producer of the German Film Award favourite Four Minutes, Hungary's Ferenc Pusztai whose production of Agnes Kocsis' Fresh Air was premiered at the Critics Week in Cannes last year, Piotr Mularuk, the Polish co-producer of Peter Greenaway's Nightwatching, Estonia's Riina Sildos, producer of the two box-office hits Mat The Cat and Lotte From Gadgetville, and the UK's Elaine Wickham who produced Jan Dunn's Gypo and Ruby Blue and made her directorial debut with the short The Mother.

The complete list of 2007's Producers On The Move (with their production companies) is as follows:

Gregory Athanasiou, Minus Pictures (Greece)
Sarita Christensen, Copenhagen Bombay Productions (Denmark)
Mario Gianani, Offside (Italy)
Petra Goeding, Phanta Vision Film International (Netherlands)
Meike Kordes, Kordes & Kordes (Germany)
Piotr Mularuk, Yeti Films (Poland)
Martina Niland, Samson Films (Ireland)
Kai Nordberg, Making Movies Oy (Finland)
Kristin Olafsdottir, Klikk Production (Iceland)
Sylvie Pialat, Les Films du Worso (France)
Ferenc Pusztai, KMH Film (Hungary)
Luis Angel Ramirez, IMVAL Producciones (Spain)
Riina Sildos, Eesti Joonisfilm / Amrion (Estonia)
Ulf Synnerholm, AB Svensk Filmindustri (Sweden)
Elena Tatti, Box Productions (Switzerland)
Samuel Tilman, Eklektik Productions (Belgium)
Luis Urbano, O Som e a Fúria (Portugal)
Martin Vandas, MAUR Film (Czech Republic)
Marek Veselicky, Farbyka (Slovakia)
Eric Vogel, Tordenfilm (Norway)
Elaine Wickham, Medb Films (UK)

More information on the Producers On The Move 2007, which is supported financially by the MEDIA Programme of the European Union, can be found at