Moving South, aroad movie from director Kate Woods and producer Robyn Kershaw, who last teamedup on the local hit Looking For Alibrandi, is one of eightfilms to be developed through the second IndiVisionProject Lab.

The Australian Film Commission (AFC)released the names of those chosen for the week-long low-budget initiative introduced last year, and provided a sneak preview of Caterpillar Wish, one of the two filmsfrom the 2005 batch that have been shot.

'Emotional intimacy, which can be lost in bigger films, isone thing low-budget films can deliver', said IndiVisiondirector Megan Simpson Huberman. In Moving South, for example, a gambler whohas lost his girlfriend and a young autistic boy who has lost his mother, are both looking for a place to call home.

This year's 30 applications were 25 down on last yearbecause greater experience was required. Those chosen include Lion's Teeth, to be produced by LawrenceJohnston who is currently directing the feature-length documentary Night, and Godless, the story of a bloody war between two biker gangs byVincent Giarrusso, director of Mallboy, which won a place in Cannesin 2000.

The thinking behind the week-long session is tosimultaneously develop the script, the director's vision and the productionmethodology. Acting as advisers are producers Andrew Fierberg(Secretary) from the US, Marc Missionnier (SwimmingPool) from France, and Australians David Lightfoot (Wolf Creek), Lynda House (Muriel'sWedding), Bridget Ikin (Look Both Ways), Su Armstrong (executive producer, Good Will Hunting) as well as local director,Gillian Armstrong (Charlotte Gray).

A showcase of quality low-budget films tour nationally aspart of the lab, which runs from one week from February 22. It includesAustralian premieres of Close To Homefrom Israel, Allegro from Denmarkand Down To TheBone from the US.

Palace releases CaterpillarWish, about three generations of women, on June 15. The other IndiVision project from last year, West, also to be released byPalace is in post-production. It is an unflinching look at the lack of choicesavailable to many young people and the aggression and frustration that canaccompany that feeling of helplessness. Neither film has a sales agent.

The selected projects are

Angry Young Man:producer Ross Howden, writer/director Antonio Oreña Barlin.

The Big Jesus:producer Clare Sawyer, writer/director Alistair Reid.

The Bridge:producer Heather Phillips, director Owen Johnston, writer Christine Langtree.

Godless: producer,Jeff Purser, writer Edward M Berridge, directorVincent Giarrusso.

Lion's Teeth:producer Lawrence Johnston, writer/director Jo Kennedy, co-writer ChristineRogers.

Moving South:producer Robyn Kershaw, writer Cath Moore, directorKate Woods.

Running Wild:producer Kath Shelper, writer/director Ruth Carr

Ten Empty:producer Naomi Wenck, writer BrendenCowell, director Anthony Hayes.