Former CinemaNow executives Bill Elberg and Jessica Canty have launched VLADICast to offer a portfolio of online distribution services.

Among the new company's services is GoScreening Public, which allows
any company or film-maker to build and maintain a branded VOD hub
and/or an ad-supported video sharing site that enables film-makers to
showcase work to buyers while saving costs on printing and shipping

US production and distribution company American Cinema International
is among the first roster of clients to emply GoScreening Public.

'We now have the ability to offer the film-maker, producer, or
distributor with a suite of services that allows them to afford the
online distribution of their films in the same way that the major
studios and networks do, and in turn recoup their costs immediately,'
founder and CEO Elberg said.

'One of the greatest things about the Internet is that the shelf-space
is limitless,' Canty said. 'Every year hundreds of films are ignored
at film festivals and markets and now through the tools offered by
VLADICast, these films have the opportunity to find an audience online
while allowing the content owner to retain complete control of their