Based on the 1950s children book about a girl who travels to Paris for fashion week and then finds herself chasing after a stolen dress

Prod companies: HandMade Films

Backers: HandMade Films

Producers: Thomas D Adelman, Patrick Meehan, Charles Shyer

Budget: $40m

Intl sales: HandMade Films International

Director: Charles Shyer

Screenplay: Hallie Meyers-Shyer, Charles Shyer Larry Spencer

DoP: Ashley Rowe

Production Design: Stefania Cella   

Art Director: Barry Gibbs

Cast: Uma Thurman, Jordana Beatty, Lino Facioli

Locations: Barcelona, Alicante, Spain

Shooting from when until when: 2009 (exact dates TBC)

Contact: HandMade Films, (44) 207 518 8230