UPDATE: Sony Pictures Releasing International (SRI) executives reported that the sci-fi added an estimated $17.9m from 5,095 screens in 55 markets to reach the cusp of $100m.

Number one debuts in South Korea and Italy powered the fourth international session for Sony/MRC’s release, producing $5m from 361 and $2m from 452, respectively.

Elysium added $1.9m in the UK from 541 for $9.2m and rank number two in the second weekend and grossed $1.5m in France from 390 for $10.3m to rank number four after three.

A further $950,000 in Spain from 377 in the third weekend resulted in a number four ranking and $8.7m running total.

Elysium has amassed $15.3m in Russia after four sessions, $8.2m in Germany after three and $8.1m in Australia after three.

  • One Direction, Morgan Spurlock’s documentary about the UK-Irish pop group that debuted at number one over this Labor Day holiday weekend, ventured into 53 markets and generated $14.5m.

The UK led the way on a number one $5.7m launch from 650 including previews, followed by Mexico at number four on $1.5m from 200 and Argentina in second place on $950,000 from 90. France returned $700,000 from 100 and Spain $520,000 from 150.

SPRI’s Grown Ups 2 added $10.3m from 3,665 in 56 markets for $71.7m and was punctuated by a number two $3.9m debut in Russia on 795. The comedy remains potent in its third weekend in Mexico where $1.5m from 801 boosted the tally to $9.5m.

The Smurfs 2 grossed $8.5m from 5,890 in 68 for $188.6m. In two notable fifth weekend results, France added $1.2m from 617 for $16.1m and Germany generated $1.1m from 1.039 for $17.8m. White House Down stands at $65.8m and opened top in Thailand on $970,000 from 159.

  • Warner Bros Pictures International’s The Conjuring grossed an estimated $12.1m from more than 4,300 screens in 41 markets.

The horror film stands at $109.5m and held superbly in the second session in Mexico as a 3% drop resulted in $4.2m from 1,410 for $11.2m.

In other second weekend holds, France generated $1.7m from 243 for $4.9m and Belgium $602,000 from 50 for $1.7m. The UK has generated $15.2m, Russia $10m, Australia $7.9m, Spain $7.6m, Argentina $5.1m and Germany $3.9m.

We’re The Millers grossed $10.9m from more than 3,000 screens in 33 markets for a promising $39.5m. The comedy opened top in Germany on $2.2m from 470 including previews and added $1.8m in its second weekend in the UK from 446 for $6.3m. Russia stands at $14.4m.

Man Of Steel generated $3.5m including previews from its first weekend in Japan on 612 screens, placing second behind Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises. The international running total has reached $367m.

Pacific Rim added $2.2m from 284 screens in 39 markets for $304.4m. China is the lead market by a long stretch on $108.6m, followed by Russia on $20.5m, South Korea on $18m, Mexico on $15.9m, Japan on $13.6m and the UK on $12.6m.

  • Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters grossed $11.4m through Fox International from 6,630 screens in 48 markets to reach $82.6m.

The adventure stayed top in Brazil on $1.2m from 484 screens for $8.9m and Peru on $422,000 from 84 screens for $1.1m.

The Heat added $3.1m from 1,707 screens in 18 markets for $58m and The Wolverine produced $2.7m from 2,534 screens in 53 markets for $232m and opened top in Venezuela on $768,446 on 85.

DreamWorks Animation’s Turbo earned $2.4m from 1,344 screens in 28 markets for $75.3m. The Internship stands at $36.2m and Epic $149.9m following a number one $1.6m debut in Spain on 640.

  • Monsters University brought in an estimated $11m from 54 territories through Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International to boost the running total to a magnificent $450.9m after 11 sessions.

Japan is the lead territory on a thunderous $87.4m followed by the UK on $43.5m, Mexico on $38.2m, China on $27.8m, Argentina on $23.7m, Australia on $22.3m, Russia on $20.9m, Brazil on $16.9m, France on $16.7m and Spain on $15.1m. Germany and Colombia have generated $13.6m and $9.9m, respectively.

Planes grossed $7.9m from 25 territories to stand at an early $31.2m. The UK leads the way at this stage on $9m followed by Spain on $6.1m and Poland on $2.5m. Launches in Russia and Germany produced $2.1m and $1.9m.The Lone Ranger stands at $150.7m following a $2.6m weekend haul.

  • Universal Pictures International’s Jurassic Park 3D grossed an estimated $7.1m from 3,300 venues in 14 territories as the running total climbed to $63.5m. 

The reboot ranks number two in its second week in China where a further $6.6m boosted the tally to $47.2m.

The film is Universal’s third biggest release in China and the top earner for Steven Spielberg. Jurassic Park 3D opens in Germany on Sept 5.

Despicable Me 2 added $6.1m from 5,000 in 45 to reach a formidable $467.5m, rising to $823.1m worldwide including North America’s $355.6m. There are eight territories still to open including Italy, Japan and South Korea (Sept 12) to open over the next few months.

The family smash ranks number two in Russia after $3.3m from 852 elevated the running total to $28.8m. It overtook The Croods to become the biggest animated release of the year-to-date and the third biggest behind Iron Man 3 and Fast & Furious 6.

Despicable Me 2 added $590,000 from 353 in the UK for $68.2m (£44.7m) after eight weekends and ranks as the third biggest animation of all time in the UK behind Toy Story 3 on £74m and Shrek 2 on £48.2m.

Kick-Ass 2 grossed $4m from 3,000 in 39 territories for an early $23.m. The action film opened in five territories including $311,000 from 274 in Spain where it ranked number nine and $247,000 from 87 in Malaysia where it placed second. It opened in Russia on Sept 5.

R.I.P.D. added $2.3m from 1,100 in 20 territories for $31.6m and opened in seventh place in Germany on $1.2m from 307.

In its second weekend Red 2 , which Universal is releasing for Lionsgate in Italy, grossed $500,000 from 295 dates for $2.4m.The Purge stands at $21.2m and The World’s End $16.5m. Fast & Furious 6 stands at a sensational $548.8m, rising to $787.5m factoring in the $238.7m North American score.

  • Lionsgate International’s Now You See Me stands at a magnificent $191.3m following an $8.7m weekend haul. Red 2 added $5.9m for $62m.
  • Paramount Pictures International executives reported that Pain And Gain grossed $4.3m for an early $20.9m. The film opened in the UK on $1.5m from 393 sites and debuted in Spain on $735,000 from 245. A further $1.3m from Germany on 440 boosted the tally to $4.7m after two weekends.

World War Z stands at $331.6m following a $1.7m haul from 1,047 locations in 37 markets. Japan has generated $17.9m after three sessions and Spain $15.2m, making it the top live-action release of 2013 so far.

Star Trek Into Darkness has amassed $234m and stands at $6.9m in Japan after $1.1m from 319 in the second weekend.