Emerging Pictures will re-release 1972's Oscar-winning documentaryMarjoe on Jan 13 2006at New York's IFC Center theatre, followed by a wider roll-out.

Howard Smith and Sarah Kernochan's feature chronicles the life andtimes of faith healer Marjoe Gortner, whose charisma and dynamic style ensuredcapacity crowds in arenas across America.

'Emerging Pictures is thrilled to be able to give audiencesanother look at this extraordinary character, Marjoe Gortner, and thebehind-the-scenes hypocrisy and shenanigans that transformed him from aparentally programmed child preacher to a proselytising money-machine,'Emerging's co-founder and chief executive officer Ira Deutchman said.

Emerging wasfounded in 2002 by Barry Rebo, Giovanni Cozzi and Deutchman. The upcoming slateincludes Beauty Remains, Amu, and Music From The Inside Out.