EM.TV & Merchandising has acquired international distribution rights for the animated versions of Michael Ende's Momo and Astrid Lindgren's Karlsson On The Roof.

EM.TV will be marketing the TV, audio, video, publishing and merchandising rights as part of its Junior portfolio for the two properties which are both being developed as a feature film and 26-part TV series.

The Momo feature film is being produced by German animation house TFC Trickompany (which is part-owned by EM.TV), the KirchGroup's Taurus Film and Laterna Magica and is set to be released theatrically next year, with the TV series following later in the year.

TFC and Taurus are also partners - along with Svensk Filmindustri - on Michael Ekbladh's adaptation of Lindgren's Karlsson books which will be aired as a TV series during 2002.

Meanwhile, EM.TV will have to pay a $42,000 (Euros50,000) fine to the German Stock Exchange for missing the deadline for reporting its annual figures for 2000. The beleaguered giant had been granted a four-week extension until the end of April, but the final audited figures were not submitted to the stock exchange until May 18. EM.TV is also behind with the presentation of its first quarter results for 2001, which should have been submitted by May 31.