German mediaconcern EM.TV may sell its 45% stake in Herbert Kloiber's Tele-Muenchen-Group(TMG) to an external investor, according to the German daily newspaper DieWelt.

Until now ithad been assumed that Kloiber, Germany's second most important rights traderafter Kirch, himself wanted to buy back the EM.TV stake, but at a price muchlower than the $372m (DM 800m) he had received from EM.TV chief Thomas Haffa in1999. Die Welt reported that it had learnt from sources within the KirchGroupthat the participation will "definitely" be sold and "inagreement between Kirch and EM.TV". However, it was also pointed out thatthey were not under any time pressure to complete a transaction.

Meanwhile,there was no comment forthcoming to speculation in a report by the weeklymagazine Der Spiegel that EM.TV board members Hans Peter Vriens (sales) andSylvia Rothblum (production) would be exiting their posts and that the currentKirch New Media boss Rainer Huether is to be appointed the new deputy boardchairman.