Pejman Partiyeli's BeverlyHills-based international sales house +Entertainment has closed multipleterritory deals at AFM on horror title Death Tunnel and its companion documentary Spooked, which are attracting strong interest for domesticrights.

The two-tile package sold toArtport in Japan, Tartan for the UK, Imagine Entertainment for Australia, TotMedia for Spain, and Movie Bank for the Netherlands.

Death Tunnel centres on five girls who take up a dare to spendfive hours in a haunted Kentucky sanitarium. Philip Adrian Booth directed DeathTunnel and Christopher Saint Boothproduced, based on a screenplay by Shane Dax Taylor, who also produced through Dax Productions. Corky Taylor served as executive producer.

The Booth brothers alsoproduced and directed Spooked, adocumentary about the making of Death Tunnel.

"It has been a great pleasurerepresenting such a visionary and avant-garde feature," Partiyeli said in astatement.

"The foreign sales resultsof this feature have far exceeded expectations and we anticipate a great impacton the market when it is finally released."