The EON Screenwriters' Workshop (ESW), the initiative set up last year by James Bond production company EON Productions, has announced details of four new projects with new feature film writers.

Christopher Hill's teen comedy Rules of the Game is about three teenage videogame designers who get the chance to go to America to preview their new game which they think will make their fortunes. Once in America, they are robbed of their design and their innocence when they get waylaid by a group of hot girls.

Janet Wells' rom-com/fantasy comedy Creative Fiction is about a fading Hollywood action hero and a self-important costume drama specialist who are cast in a new production of Pride and Prejudice and are magically transported into the fictional world of the novel as their characters and have to deal with each other and find a way to escape.

Rick Harvey's Shadow Play is a thriller about the conspiracy and tragic love affair that brought down playwright Christopher Marlowe.

Hugo Eyre-Varnier's Glitter and Twisted is a satirical comedy about a PR whiz who finds that his top company is being stolen from him by an old enemy.

These four projects follow on from the five projects already in active development at ESW by writers Eitan Arrusi, Rob Churchill, Jim Davies, Matt Thomas and Andy Yerlett.

ESW aims to nurture new screenwriting talent capable of writing studio-level scripts. In addition to supplying projects for EON Productions to produce, ESW has recently signed a first-look deal with Columbia Pictures.

David G. Wilson, ESW's Head of Creative & Business Affairs, and Alby James, Head of Development, were in Cannes last month to meet writers and producers at a special event held at the UK Film Centre.