EXCLUSIVE: Epic Pictures Group has acquired world sales rights heading into the AFM to Mike Carter’s film.

Fraternity takes place in Britain and France at the outbreak of war as an embittered youngster enlists and journey’s across France.

Fraternity is above all a story about the complex emotions within families and the film explores the far-reaching consequences that disharmony can have for future generations,” said Carter.

“This is a passion project of mine and I am thrilled to be partnered with Epic Pictures, who have already brought a great deal of enthusiasm to the marketing of the movie.”

Fraternity is so much more than a war movie”, said Epic Pictures CEO Patrick Ewald (pictured with partner Shaked Berenson). “While it has plenty of action-filled scenes to appease the war movie fans, it’s characterisation and portrayal of World War Two Britain in the midst of war is poignant and incredibly moving and we are proud to be releasing this movie.”

“Following our recent success with war movies such as the patrol, we are excited to be working in this genre again and look forward to bringing this project to both US audiences and the international market,” said Epic Pictures Group co-founder Berenson.