The Los Angeles lesbian and gay film festival Outfest is launchingFusion, an inaugural LA-based festival catering to the lesbian, gay, bisexualand transgender ethnic communities.

Launching with the support of 15 non-profit organisations from theLos Angeles area, the event will run from Jan 30-Feb 1 and screen 36 shortfilms and videos.

Featured film-makers include Cheryl Dunye, who directed HBO'sacclaimed Stranger Inside, Ernesto Foronda, co-screenwriter of 2002's Asian Americanindependent title Better Luck Tomorrow, Pratibha Parmar, Lourdes Portillo and the late MarlonRiggs.

The three-day festival is curated by Outfest curator Eve Oishi andalso features panel discussions, experimental work and a community networkingfair.

"Fusion is a first-of-its-kindfestival that builds bridges between LA communities, celebrates local artists,affirms identity and fights homophobia," Outfest executive director StephenGutwillig said in a statement.

"Up until now,there has never been a cohesive festival that showcased and blended so manyethnicities within a queer context. I'm thrilled Outfest is presenting inFusion the first lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgendered People of Colour film festival[sic]."