The European production fund Eurimages has for the first time appointed a Norwegian to its board - the 52-year-old Nils Klevjer Aas, who works for the new Norwegian Film Fund.

Meanwhile, projects by Margarethe von Trotta, Alain Resnais, Gerardo Herrero and Mika Kaurismaki were among 11 European co-productions granted a total Euros 3.74m by the fund.

Euros 763,000 went to Resnais' Or', a Franco-Swiss co-production between Arena Films and Vega Film; Euros 600,000 to von Trotta's Rosenstrasse, produced by Studio Hamburg Letterbox Filmproduktion and Tele Muenchen Fernseh GmbH and Get Reel Productions. Euros 468,000 went to Herrero's The Galindez Mystery (Spain/Italy/France/Portugal/Cuba/UK), completing the trio of distribution-assessed projects.

Eurimages also gave support to Mika Kaurismaki's German-Latvian-Finnish co-production Honey Baby; Bulgarian Ivan Nichev's Patouvane Kam Yerousalem; Marceline Loridan-Ivens' La Petite Prairie Aux Bouleaux; Barbara Albert's Boese Zellen; Kjell Grede's En Film - Grede; and Ondrej Trojan's Zelary.