A clearer picture is beginning to appear of how Eurimages (the Council of Europe fund for the co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinematographic works) might change its contribution system.

Last month, it emerged that Holland and Italy were considering withdrawal from Eurimages on the grounds that they put more into the Fund than they get.

However, over the weekend in Berlin, at what sources have called a 'constructive' and useful meeting, ideas have been floated at how the contribution system might be changed. It is currently based on a number of criteria, including GDP, population and number of co-productions.

The worry among some of the 33 members is that if some countries' contributions are reduced, others will have to pay extra to make up the shortfall.

'Some countries think the system should remain the way it is. Other countries think we should move on because the composition of the fund has changed. There are different opinions and there has been a debate,' commented Roberto Olla, Executive Director of Eurimages.

After the Berlinale, Eurimages delegates will return to their countries and discuss the new proposals with their government ministries. Then, in mid-March, there will be a meeting in Paris at which a decision whether or not to change the current system.

If there are changes, the budget for 2010 will be based on the new criteria.