An international jury composed of Eurimages' executive secretary Renate Roginas, Senator Film Produktion's managing director Benjamin Herrmann, Road Movies' Uli Felsberg, Maestranza Films' Antonio P. Perez, and Renaissance Film's Angus Finney has selected 12 feature film ideas to be pitched by their writers at the 3rd European Pitch Point on February 8 during the next Berlinale.

The jury made its final selection from among 200 projects from 25 countries by focusing on originality in style and story potential, universal appeal, and international marketability.

The names of the 12 finalists will be kept under wraps until February 8, although registered producers, distributors and commissioning editors will receive an access code to an exclusive Pitch Point website where they will be able to have a 'sneak preview' of the authors and their projects.

Organised by Berlin-based Script House, the European Film Academy, the Swiss audiovisual training foundation FOCAL and the Maurits Binger Film Institute, the European Pitch Point has created an exclusive network over the past two years, establishing contacts between professional screenwriters from all over Europe and international producers and commissioning editors. One of the Pitch Point's first successes is a project pitched at the first event in 2000, Mikael Colville-Andersen's Moments Of Clarity, which will now be shot by Italian For Beginners director Lone Scherfig.