EuroScreen, a €1.9bn initiative to align the film and tourist industries, has launched its new website.

The site ( will offer news and policy material relating to the three-year project, which is aiming to capitalise on the economic and cultural opportunities presented through screen tourism.

Funded by the INTERREG IVC programme, the initiative encompasses eight regions across Europe: Italy, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and the UK.

Studio-backed productions such as Skyfall (UK) and Brave (Scotland) as well as TV series such as Wallander (Sweden) are working with tourism agencies this year

The new website will also keep users up-to-date with public events organised by the partnership. These events include seminars and conference where participants can learn about the outcomes of EuroScreen, exchange good practice and research, and share knowledge.

Film London is the official lead partner of EuroScreen, working in close partnership with regional development agencies, local government, film commissions and a higher education institution:

  • Apulia Film Commission (Italy);
  • Bucharest – Ilfov Regional Development Agency (Romania);
  • FTZ - Fondazzjoni Temi Zamit (Malta);
  • RARR – Rzeszow Regional Development Agency (Poland);
  • Municipality of Ystad and Lund University;
  • Department of Service Management (Sweden);
  • Maribor Development Agency (Slovenia);
  • Pro Malaga – Local Public Agency for Economic Development in Malaga (Spain).