Producer Andrea Willson has been recruited by the Swiss rights trader/distributor Falcom Media Group to manage the company's expansion into German language production as a "second strategic business unit" alongside the core business of rights trading.

Berlin-based Willson, who ceased being the managing director of Deutsche Columbia Pictures Filmproduktion (DCPF) when it was wound up last year, will concentrate on the development and production of one or two films a year for the German speaking area.

In addition, she will support Falcom in its plan to increase the acquisition of German films for distribution. The goal is to theatrically distribute another one or two German films each year alongside the in-house productions.

Willson, who entered into a long-term producer deal with Sony Pictures Entertainment when the US major decided to close its German production arm down last March (, March 2003), has a number of projects she will be bringing to Falcom. These include the family entertainment film Max Und Moritz, which is set to go into pre-production this year.