Michael Moore's Fahrenheit9/11 is to play on television in Germany and Spain in the next ten days,just before the US presidential elections.

The move comes asMoore struggles to find a US broadcaster to play his film ahead of theelection.

Cable broadcaster In Demand had planned to carry TheMichael Moore Pre-Election Special on pay-per-view on Nov. 1, but hasabandoned the projectbecause of "legitimate business and legal concerns," according to theAssociated Press.

In Germany,Fahrenheit will air on commercial channel ProSieben in its prime-time scheduleat 20.15 on November 1, with a repeat screening on election night (Nov 2) at23.30. Distributor Falcom Media Group is releasing the DVD of Fahrenheit throughUniversum Film just days before, on October 21.

Falcom says the TVbroadcasts will work as an additional promotional platform for the DVD, whichincludes exclusive bonus material compiled by Moore.

In Spain, paychannel Canal Plus says it will be the first broadcaster in the world to playthe film on October 25. The DVD release is set for November 10 for rentals andNov 24 for sales.

The Spanish dealwas negotiated with the local distributor of the title, Alta Films. The channelis billing it as the exclusive world television premiere and plans to air itthree times in two days as the headliner of a special series of documentariesand feature films planned around the elections.

Fahrenheit'sinternational sales agent, Wild Bunch, says that Germany and Spain are the onlytwo European countries to play the film ahead of the US election.

Wild Bunch chiefVincent Maraval denied the move would impact the DVD release. "In general, noone really thinks this will affect the DVD sales," he commented.