EXCLUSIVE: HB Films to launch 10-film box set of international co-productions; F&ME readies two shoots in Brazil.

London-based Film and Music Entertainment (F&ME) is working with UK distributor HB Films to launch a 10-film box set of F&ME’s international co-productions, Cinema Without Frontiers. The titles include Before The Rain, Eleven Men Out and Quest For A Heart.

This comes as Mike Downey and Sam Taylor’s F&ME has a packed slate, including new football documentary follow-up Streetkids United II, being made to coincide with the 2014 Street Child World Cup in Rio. A Brazilian filmmaker will direct. (Tim Pritchard had directed the 2011 documentary, which screened in Berlin last year.) Downey noted: “The street child poverty issue is massive in Brazil, and to get right to the heart of the issue we want a director to become fully entrenched and deeply involved in the lives of the street child community in Rio.”

Taylor added: “The 2014 event will bring teams of street children from 20 countries to compete for the Street Child World Cup and to make their voices heard. As with the first Streetkids United film in Berlin - our goal is to tell the story of the children and the event - and through this to draw attention to the terrible plight of street children across the globe.”

Also in Brazil, F&ME is kicking off the shoot for Julien Temple’s music documentary Children Of The Revolution in April. Writer and co-producer Chris Pickard said: “The film will reflect on the social, political, financial, cultural and technical revolutions that have taken place in 1970s to today, a time when the city and Brazil stand on the threshold of hosting two of the world’s largest and most prestigious high profile events, the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and The Olympic Games in 2016.”

Shooting now for the company are Peter Greenaway’s Goltzius And The Pelican Company (which will post at Molinare in London), portmanteau film Zagreb Stories 2-Love, and Estonian Kadri Kousaar’s English-language European Psycho, starring UK actor Lee Ingleby.

Set to shoot in the autumn is UK-Dutch-Belgian co-production N.N., to be directed by Ineke Smits and produced by veteran Els Vandervorst. The story is about a pathologist’s search for his past.

Now in post is Andrzej Jakimowski’s Imagine (aka Blind Watching) starring Edward Hogg and Alexandra Maria Lara. Sales company discussions are underway.

Now just finished is child prostitution story Lilet Never Happened directed by Jacco Groen.