FederalCommunications Commissioner Michael J Copps will attend an AFMA membersbreakfast to discuss US media consolidation at the Le Merigot Hotel in SantaMonica on Feb 26.

Copps is one ofthe FCC's most outspoken opponents of consolidation and launched an impassionedstand during the FCC's 2001-2003 policy review hearings that resulted in looserlaws governing broadcasting market share.

"There has been a steady erosion of opportunities forindependents in the United States as distribution channels increasingly arepart of large, vertical integrated media conglomerates," AFMA president andchief executive officer Jean Prewitt said in a statement.

"We have seenthis phenomenon in theatrical outlets, video stores, broadcast and cabletelevision. This session with Commissioner Copps at the AFM provides anopportunity for the independents to explain their business model andperspective and to learn directly how future communications policy will beshaped."