Rene Mioch (pictured) heads LA operations.

Amsterdam-based cross-platform media company FCCE is opening a new office in Los Angeles. This follows another new office in Beijing.

Co-owner producer Rene Mioch has been heading the LA operations since Dec 1.

The office will deliver daily content for shows such as Films & Stars, Hollywood Buzz, Action Zone and Kids Flix, as well as a daily news feed.

The company will also roll out its Entertainment Experience in the US, after launching the user generated movie idea with Paul Verhoeven in The Netherlands.

FCCE CEO Rene Mioch: “Opening an office in LA was just a matter of time and focus. After establishing a very strong portfolio of weekly shows, which are distributed around the world, we feel we can serve the industry even better. Together with the daily news feed we have a reach of hundreds of millions of people, bringing infotainment news as it is. We don’t do paparazzi-styled items, we’re not interested in gossip; we want to entertain and inform people about their favorite actors, actresses, directors, movies, glamour lifestyle & fashion.”

FCCE’s Chief Commercial Officer Justus A.G. Verkerk added: “FCCE delivers to every thinkable media platform. And TV audiences are converting slowly
into consumers using media anytime, anywhere, anyway….This has also changed FCCE’s focus. We create communities based on a shared interest. Context, continuity, loyalty and interaction are all crucial ingredients of a successful platform, but the LA office will bring the most important one: CONTENT.
With the launch of Entertainment Experience in the Netherlands in 2011 - a user generated movie directed by Paul Verhoeven - FCCE took involvement, engagement and interaction to a new level. Audiences, broadcasters and business partners participated in a unique multimedia format that defines the age of personalized and tailor-made television and broadcasting. We think the US market, US consumers and US advertisers are also ready for this fresh look at the entertainment business”.