Several feature film producers are among the 16 selected to participate in the inaugural Enterprise Australia, the Australian version of the workshop which UK management consultants Olsberg SPI have already conducted in Europe.

It is aimed at equipping Australian producers with the business skills to make their companies globally competitive and to help them address their often financially perilous existence between projects.

They include Rosemary Blight (Fresh Air, In The Winter Dark), John Brousek (The Wogboy) Martin Brown (Moulin Rouge), Marian MacGowan (The Rage In Placid Lake, Two Hands) and Liz Watts (Walking On Water).

"The calibre and sheer number of applications we've had is indicative of the ambition, talent and dedication that abound throughout the Australian film and television community," said course director Jonathan Olsberg. "It made the selection process extraordinarily difficult and illustrates the high level of desire amongst producers to develop sustainable businesses."

Those who will be passing on their skills to participants include Canada's Michael Donovan from Salter Street Films and producer of Bowling for Columbine, New Yorker John Penotti, founding partner and president of GreeneStreet Films Inc and executive producer of In The Bedroom and producer of Swimfan.

The workshop is a joint venture between various government agencies and runs from November 14 to 18.