Nordisk is one of several major companies releasing across the Nordic region.

The Nordic region may be made up of four disparate territories with four different languages, but to a certain degree they share a similar taste in films, which is one of the reasons why the region has several companies that release across Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

Copenhagen-based Nordisk Film and Stockholm-based Svensk Filmindustri are the biggest pan-Scandinavian distributors, each with companies in all four countries. With similar outlets in Sweden, Denmark and Finland, Norway’s Sandrew Metronome is in a transition period after its owner, the Schibsted media group, announced “a strategic change and re-organisation” since “it would not continue as a long-term owner”. Sweden’s NonStop Entertainment and Denmark’s Scanbox also handle pan-Scandinavian releases, NonStop adding the Baltic republics.

Both Nordisk and Svensk produce films all over Scandinavia, in-house or in collaboration with partly owned or controlled companies. They complete their line-ups through output deals or single acquisitions. Each have related companies - during Cannes, Nordisk announced a link with Swedish production outfit StellaNova Film.

Svensk handles films from Fox and MGM in Scandinavia; Nordisk has output deals with Relativity and Summit.

In all territories US product claims more than 50% of the market - though the Millennium trilogy has scored well across the region, helping Swedish film to a 32.7% market share at home.

“In recent years, American and local films have performed extremely well in Scandinavia, except [local] fare has been on the decline in Denmark,” explains Jan Lehmann, CEO of Nordisk Film Distribution Denmark. “In general, box office has been increasing.”feat