Nicolai Korsgaard

Source: Leslie Holm

Nicolai Korsgaard

Nicolai Korsgaard is sales director of Danish international sales company TrustNordisk, whose upcoming slate includes Nikolaj Arcel’s historical epic The Bastard starring Mads Mikkelsen and Thea Hvistendahl’s Handling The Undead starring Renate Reinsve.

Typical Cannes breakfast
These days I am very much into oatmeal with berries and rice milk. I bring my own Danish oatmeal: it has the exact consistency and chewiness that I like.

Favourite restaurant
Il Teatro [at 5 Rue des Gabres] has to be my all-time favourite. We have been coming for the last 16 years. We love the staff there; they always provide a warm, friendly atmosphere.

Craziest Cannes memory
Once, my dear friend and I were getting ready for a party and she was spraying her hair downwards and threw her head back up at a speed of 120km trying to look sexy, and forgot the window was open. We needed to go straight to the ER so she could have her scalp sutured. My boyfriend fainted watching it happen. It was a circus, but we all ended up at the party afterwards.

Most memorable Cannes screening
Watching Parasite in the Lumière was the greatest. People were ecstatic at the screening.

Top Cannes survival tip
Get eight hours of sleep (if possible), keep alcohol to a minimum or at least plan your “big” nights, and drink lots of water during the day. It’s boring but it works.

Your first year in Cannes
In 2004 as PR and marketing assistant for Trust Film Sales, which is now TrustNordisk. I remember a fun and crazy time, attending parties every night.

Favourite Cannes hotel
I stay in flats but I like having a drink at the rooftop bar of the Five Seas Hotel [1 Rue Notre Dame].

Where are we most likely to find you at 2am
In bed with a good Korean face mask on.

Number of steps clocked per day in Cannes
Not anything to be proud of, but I will bring my running shoes and do a few runs in the morning (sellers don’t move around as much as buyers during the day).

Favourite getaway spot pre- or post-festival
I will spend three weeks in Seoul after Cannes. I love everything about that city and I have dear friends there.

Who would you like to avoid My plan is to avoid carbs — but let’s see how that goes.