Gijsje Grosfeld_Anne Lakeman_adapted

Source: Anne Lakeman

Gijsje Grosfeld

Talent manager, Henneman

  • Studied acting at University of the Arts Utrecht before a bachelor’s degree in clinical neuropsychology from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
  • In 2022, earned a postgraduate degree in contract law from Leiden University

Grosfeld describes her journey to becoming a talent manager as “a peculiar one”. She originally planned to be an actress until she found herself on stage one day and thought, “I really don’t want to be here.” So she changed her degree to neuropsychology.

In 2021, Grosfeld’s father, who ran his own talent agency, Bureau Grosfeld, had a brain haemorrhage. “He ran a company with 60 successful actors in the Netherlands and they all needed representation immediately,” she explains of why she suddenly leapt into the business. (Her father has since returned.)

Vanessa Henneman, who runs the Henneman Agency in Amsterdam, soon headhunted her. “All the worlds came together,” Grosfeld says of how, as a talent agent, she can draw on her love of theatre and film as well as what she learned studying neuropsychology.

Henneman has taught her to “have total faith and respect for talent, to cherish, nurture and protect it”. Grosfeld, whose client list includes director Arne Toonen and actors Frieda Barnhard, Mariana Aparicio and Olivia Lonsdale, has quickly learned how “to build bridges between talent and production companies, to bring the people with the money and the talent together.”