Joseph Szew, founder of LA-based production and distributionoutfit MarVista Entertainment, has reshuffled his executive suite, handing overthe chief executive officer reins to his son Fernando Szew.

Joseph Szew becomes chief operating officer and chief financialofficer, and production president Michael D Jacobs is promoted to the role ofpresident.

In other appointments, company consultant and former Fox FamilyWorldwide senior vice president of international marketing and communicationsCarol Holdsworth is appointed vice president of sales and marketing, and SueReiner is named head of television. Szew recently named former PorchlightEntertainment executive Zac Reeder head of acquisitions, and Thomas C Emma vicepresident of business affairs.

'From dayone, my father provided the space for us to grow as a team and the environmentfor success,' Fernando Szew said. 'Now, after three years ofcollectively implementing our new production and distribution business model asMarVista Entertainment, I am excited to lead the company into our next phaseand committed to preserve our corporate cultural makeup while we expand.'