Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's Gary Sanchez Productions have boughtthe film rights to Frank Portman's debut novel King Dork as part of their first-look deal withParamount.

King Dorkwas published in April 2006 and charts the exploits of a 14-year-old boy whogets involved in a series of mysteries after he reads J D Salinger's TheCatcher In The Rye.

Ferrell and McKay will produce, with Chris Henchy overseeing theproject on behalf of Gary Sanchez.

Vantage's head of production and acquisitions Amy Israel willoversee for the studio along with vice president of production Chad Hamiltonand manager of production Adam Kassan.

'Frank has such an original voice and his novel brilliantlycaptures the sort of insecurities all kids feel growing up,' Israel said.'His use of the detective element makes this one of the most unique piecesof teen fiction to come out in the last several years.'

'Chris and Adam assured me this book, once turned into amovie, will make $500m domestic,' Sanchez said. If it does not, I will hiteach of their hands with a hammer.'

Portman is represented by ICM and Steven Malk of Writer's House.