EXCLUSIVE: Lakeshore Entertainment and Sierra/Affinity have sold key territories on Mark Neveldine’s horror thriller The Vatican Tapes and Lionsgate has come on to distribute in the US in autumn 2014.

Lakeshore has set a July start of production in Los Angeles on the story of a 27-year-old woman whose erratic behavior invites attention from the Vatican only for the exorcists to conclude that an ancient satanic force is at work.

Rights have closed in Canada (eOne), Australia (eOne/Hopscotch), Germany (Universum), the Middle East (Jaguar Film International Distribution), Thailand (IPA Asia Pacific), Turkey (D Productions) and Latin America (Sun Distribution).

The Vatican Tapes marks the third collaboration between Lakeshore and Neveldine after he wrote screenplays for Crank [pictured] and Crank: High Voltage. His directing credits include Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance and Gamer.

Lakeshore’s upcoming releases include I, Frankenstein produced with Hopscotch Features and Lionsgate that Lionsgate will release in January 2014 and Walk Of Shame, which goes out in the US through FilmDistrict in September.