IFFR reveals Big Screen Awards nominees and the complete line-up for its Bright Future and Spectrum strands, including world premieres from the US, China and the Netherlands.

Second Coming

Second Coming, starring Idris Elba and Nadine Marshall, has been named as one of 10 films up for the Big Screen Award at the International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR) (Jan 21 - Feb 1).

The UK film, written and directed by Debbie Tucker Green, will be vying for a prize of €10,000 ($12,000) awarded specifically to support theatrical distribution of the film in The Netherlands

The 10 nominees are from IFFR’s Bright Future and Spectrum programmes with the winner chosen by a specially selected audience jury. Other titles include Lisandro Alonso’s Cannes FIPRESCI winner Jauja and Carlos Vermut’s San Sebastian winner Magical Girl.

The nominees are:

  • I Swear I’ll Leave This Town, Danial Aragão
  • Jauja, Lisandro Alonso
  • Key House Mirror, Michael Noer
  • The Lesson, Kristina Grozeva, Petar Valchanov
  • Magical Girl, Carlos Vermut
  • A Matter Of Interpretation, Lee Kwang-Kuk
  • The Move, Marat Sarulu
  • Second Coming, Debbie Tucker Green
  • Undulant Fever, Ando Hiroshi
  • Das Zimmermädchen Lynn, Ingo Haeb

The winner is announced during the IFFR Awards Ceremony on Jan 30 together with the KNF Award which will also be given to one of these 10 nominated films by the Dutch Circle of Film Critics (KNF) Jury.

Bright Future, Spectrum titles

IFFR has also confirmed its line-up for its Bright Future and Spectrum programmes, which include 22 world premieres, 10 international premieres and 10 European premieres from territories including the US, UK, India, China, Japan, Germany, Spain, Brazil and Argentina.

Bright Future screens the first or second films by filmmakers whom the festival has identified as young talent with potential while the Spectrum programme includes “contemporary, powerful and innovative work” from around the world.

Bright Future Premieres Line-Up

World Premieres

Banana Pancakes And The Children Of Sticky Rice, Daan Veldhuizen (The Netherlands)
Battles, Isabelle Tollenaere (Belgium/The Netherlands)
Cosmodrama, Philippe Fernandez (France)
Crumbs, Miguel Llansó (Spain/Ethiopia/Finland)  
El Legado, Roberto Anjari-Rossi (Germany/Chile)
Erdos Rider, Wang Haolin (China)
Hearts Know * The Runaway Brides, Kris Kristinsson (The Netherlands)        
Solos, Joanna Lombardi (Peru)
The Bull, Larissa Figueiredo (Brazil)
The Man In The Wall, Evgeny Ruman (Israel)
Valedictorian, Matthew Yeager (Usa)
White Coal, Georg Tiller (Austria)

International Premieres

A Matter Of Interpretation, Lee Kwang-Kuk (South Korea)
Calling, Marcin Dudziak (Poland, France)
I Swear I’ll Leave This Town, Daniel Aragão (Brazil)
Transatlantique, Félix Dufour-Laperrière (Canada)

European Premieres

Chigasaki Story, Misawa Takuya (Japan/Thailand)
Forever , Margarita Manda (Greece)
God Loves The Fighter, Damian Marcano (Trinidad And Tobago)   
River Of Exploding Durians, Edmund Yeo (Malaysia)
Sam Klemke’s Time Machine, Matthew Bate (Australia)
Set Me Free, Kim Tae-Yong (South Korea)
Siti, Eddie Cahyono (Indonesia)
The Inseminator, Bui Kim Quy (Vietnam)
Things Of The Aimless Wanderer, Kivu Ruhorahoza (Rwanda, Uk)

Spectrum Premieres Line-Up

World Premieres

Black Stone, Roh Gyeong-Tae  (South Korea/France)
Desaparadiso, Khavn (The Philippines)
Jade Miners, Midi Z (Taiwan/ Myanmar)
La La La At Rock Bottom, Yamashita Nobuhiro (Japan)
La Vie De Jean-Marie, Peter Van Houten (The Netherlands)
Li Wen At East Lake , Li Luo (China)
Mijn Witte Hemd, Dré Didderiëns (The Netherlands)
Poet On A Business Trip, Ju Anqi (China)
Stinking Heaven, Nathan Silver (Usa)
The Wolf’s Lair, Catarina Mourao (Portugal)

International Premieres

Brave Men’s Blood, Olaf De Fleur Johannesson (Iceland)
Key House Mirror, Michael Noer (Denmark)
La Scuola D’estate, Jacopo Quadri (Italy)
Le Paradis, Alain Cavalier (France)
The End Of An Age, Bruno Safadi And Ricardo Pretti (Brazil)
Undulant Fever, Ando Hiroshi (Japan)

European Premieres

Corner Of Heaven, Miaoyan Zhang (China/France)
Midsummer’s Fantasia, Jang Kun-Jae (South Korea/Japan)
The Second Life Of Thieves, Woo Ming Jin (Malaysia)

Bright Future

Alive, Park Jung-Bum (South Korea)
Approaching The Elephant, Amanda Rose Wilder (Usa)
Buzzard, Joel Potrykus (Usa)
Catch Me Daddy, Daniel Wolfe (Uk)
Cinco, Adrián Biniez (Argentina)    
Court, Chaitanya Tamhane (India)
Fort Buchanan, Benjamin Crotty (France/Tunisia)      
Je Suis Le Peuple, Anna Roussillon (France)
La Creazione Di Significato, Simone Rapisarda Casanova (Canada, Italy)
La Tirisia, Jorge Pérez Solano (Mexico)
Labour Of Love, Aditya Vikram Sengupta (India)
Limbo, Anna Sofie Hartmann (Germany)
Los Hongos, Oscar Ruiz Navia (Colombia/Argentina/France/Germany)
Magical Girl, Carlos Vermut (Spain)
Mauro, Hernán Rosselli (Argentina)
Men Who Save The World, Liew Seng Tat (Malaysia/Netherlands/Germany/France)
Nn, Héctor Gálvez Campos (Peru/Colombia/Germany/ France)        
Second Coming, Debbie Tucker Green (Uk)
She Comes Back On Thursday, André Novais Oliveira (Brazil)
The Lesson, Kristina Grozeva And Petar Valchanov (Bosnia And Herzegovina/Bulgaria/Greece)
The Monk, The Maw Naing (Myanmar/Czech Republic)    
Titli, Kanu Behl (India)
Un Jeune Poète, Damien Manivel (France)
Wir Sind Jung. Wir Sind Stark., Burhan Qurbani (Germany)


As The Gods Will, Miike Takashi (Japan)
August Winds, Gabriel Mascaro (Brazil)
Cavalo Dinheiro, Pedro Costa  (Portugal)
Das Zimmermädchen Lynn, Ingo Haeb (Germany)
Die Geliebten Schwestern, Dominik Graf (Germany)
Father And Sons, Wang Bing (China/France)
From What Is Before, Lav Diaz (The Philippines)    
Gentle, Le-Van Kiet (Vietnam/Usa)
Heaven Knows What, Josh Safdie And Benny Safdie (Usa/France)
Jauja, Lisandro Alonso (Argentina/Denmark/Usa,/Netherlands/France/Mexico/Germany/Brazil)
Letters To Max, Eric Baudelaire (France)
Natural History, James Benning (Usa)
Over Your Dead Body, Miike Takashi (Japan)
Speed Walking, Niels Arden Oplev (Denmark)
Storm Children - Book One, Lav Diaz (The Philippines)
Stranded In Canton, Måns Månsson (Sweden/Denmark)
The Golden Era, Ann Hui (China/Hong Kong)
The Iron Ministry, J.P. Sniadecki (China/Usa)
The Move, Marat Sarulu (Kyrgyzstan)
The Reaper, Zvonimir Juric (Croatia/Slovenia)
The World Of Kanako, Nakashima Tetsuya (Japan)
Today, Reza Mirkarimi (Iran)         
Tokyo Tribe, Sono Sion (Japan)
Toto And His Sisters, Alexander Nanau (Romania)