Birds Eye View and Curzon Home Cinema are offering an Ultra VOD UK premiere for Curzon Artificial Eye title In Bloom.

The film will be released on a VOD platform in the UK with a simultaneous live festival opening night on April 8, the same day it launches through Curzon Home Cinema and TV TV. It is then released in cinemas on May 2.

BEV and Curzon are also partnering for a month-long online season of work by female filmmakers.

Kate Gerova, creative director of Birds Eye View, said: “Film festival audiences take chances on unknown films and this project examines whether their passion and enthusiasm for a film can be captured to drive opening weekend audiences.

“Working in partnership with Curzon Home Cinema and Artificial Eye we are able to curate audiences’ film journey through the Birds Eye View Film Festival and Ultra VOD premiere to raise visibility of the film and increase audiences for inspiring independent cinema.”

Director of Curzon Home Cinema Phil Mordecai added: “Curzon Home Cinema is proud to be part of bringing this excellent title to audiences in an innovative way. We look forward to featuring more Ultra VOD titles on the new Curzon Home Cinema site which will launch later in the year.”

The Ultra VOD model in the UK was recently pioneered by Metrodome with its own successful production The Borderlands.