The 43rd edition of the International Film Festival Rotteram (IFFR), which runs Jan 22 to Feb 2, will offer a special programme called ‘The State Of Europe.

This programme is a prelude to the European elections of 2014 — IFFR will offer films, talks and debates reflecting on Europe and its future.

Artist Thomas Bellinck´s exhibition ‘Domo de Europa Historio en Ekzilo’ will travel from Brussels to Rotterdam.

Films will address themes suchs as immigration, cultural identity and living conditions.

Selections already announced include Venice winner Sacro GRA by Gianfranco Rosi, Portuguese essay What Now?Remind Me by Joaquim Pinto, and Claire Simon’s Gare du Nord.

Festival director Rutger Wolfson said: “The historical project of the European unification has lost much of its luster. Peace and prosperity, the two main forces that have driven Europe, are still relevant today but feel worn out. Politicians seem unable to convey a convincing alternative future perspective and many citizens are angry, disillusioned or have lost interest completely.”